Congratulations to Tug Patricia Ann for the honor of being selected as the 2020 Logo Tugboat for the 47th Annual Olympia Harbor Days Vintage Tugboat Festival and Races.

Keep the tugs coming to Olympia Harbor Days! Make a donation on this site, mail in a donation or make a donation at the festival. Show them the love!


Tugboat Registration for Olympia Harbor Days 2020 is open now. Skippers, please call 360-556-0498 with questions!  
All registered Tugboat Skippers will receive a current year Fleece Logo Vest and Logo Cap and are honored at our annual Skippers & Crew Dinner.
Email with any questions.


Please enjoy our Tug of the Month by the late Les Eldridge, Maritime Historian and Author.


The festival started in 1974, however the logo did not appear right away.  The design was developed in 1983 with Tug Sand Man being the first logo boat.

2019 Fleet

2019 Vintage Tugboat Race Results
September 1, 2019 - Budd Inlet

Small Harbor Tug Class

Sand Man        10:16
Atka                11:40
Teal                 12:36
Patrón              13:58
Badger            15:06
Teredo             16:46

Under 400 HP Class

Creosote          8:44
Cedar King     9:35
Patricia Ann    9:37
Danni K          10:39

Over 400 HP Class    

Galene             7:16
Glen Cove       7:45
RW Confer     8:58

Please keep the tugs coming to Olympia Harbor Days by sending a donation to: Olympia Harbor Days, PO Box 2875, Olympia WA 98507. 
This is the last remaining Tugboat Show & Races in Washington and the World’s Largest Vintage Tugboat Race!
(Please note that tugboat rides are not available during the festival due to WA State Licensing and Insurance restrictions).

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