In 1974, the tugboats and crews of the Puget Sound returned to the beautiful waterfront of Olympia to celebrate the end of the summer season.
This gathering was the start of Olympia Harbor Days, an annual FREE family festival dedicated to the community as a celebration of maritime heritage. In 1978 arts, crafts, food and music was added.

“Olympia Harbor Days is our favorite family Festival of the Year!”

Today, Olympia Harbor Days, an Olympia Kiwanis Club* event, is the third largest festival in Thurston County and home of the World’s Largest Vintage Tugboat Races, attracting 55,000 visitors annually, featuring over 300 booths, ships, activities, music and food. Touring the tugboats and watching them race remains the highlight of the festival, something “kids” young and old never seem to grow tired of.

“It was so much fun, I went to the festival twice over the weekend!”

Whether you’re a boating enthusiast, an arts, crafts or imports shopper, looking for tasty treats or just wanting to take a relaxed saunter along the docks in downtown Olympia from the Port Plaza to Percival Landing, Olympia Harbor Days has it all. Create memories! Make Olympia Harbor Days an annual family destination every Labor Day Weekend!

Olympia Harbor Days  

Net festival proceeds benefit children and families in our community.

The Kiwanis Club of Olympia

The Kiwanis Club of Olympia, was chartered September 15, 1921. It was the first club in the Olympia area and is still the largest and most active today, and one of the leading clubs in the district. As a faithful servant to our community and children, the Olympia Kiwanis Club hosts Olympia Harbor Days, encouraging FREE family interaction, fun and community enrichment. The Olympia Kiwanis Club coordinates several major projects serving our community: Olympia Harbor DaysKiwanis Gardens growing produce for the food bank, free fire wood for those needing heat, awarding College Scholarships to area youth, sponsorship of Olympia and Capital High School’s Key Clubs and funding of Community Service Grants, are just a few. Interested applicants can download an application.

The Olympia Kiwanis Foundation is committed to the non-discriminatory treatment of all members, contracted persons or companies and the delivery of services and resources.